Sten Loecher
 about me
year of birth: 1975
birthplace: Großenhain - Saxony
residence: Erlangen - Bavaria / Franc
profession: computer scientist - I recieved a doctoral degree in engineering from the Dresden University of Technology in 2005
languages: German, English, and some French.
I am currently working for Siemens Medical Solutions in Erlangen, Germany, as a software architect and developer.
  • From March 2002 until March 2005 I participated in the Ph.D. programme "Werkzeuge zum effektiven Einsatz paralleler und verteilter Rechnersysteme" at the Dresden University of Technology. I developed an approach to model-driven transaction management service configuration for component-based technologies, such as Enterprise JavaBeans. The focus of my work was on container-managed transactions and the objective was to provide a conceptual framework that allows the management and integration of various schemas for declarative configuration of transaction management services. The purpose of the framework is to allow software engineers to design new tailored configuration schemas, to choose from different existing configuration schemas, to compare configurations of different types, and to analyze different types of configurations based on a common set of tools. The approach also aligns with the ideas of the MDA initiative. You may have a look at my publications list for further information. As a result of this work I received a doctoral degree in engineering in December 2005.
  • From October 2001 to February 2002 I spent a four month working period for EDF (Electricité De France) R & D in Paris, France, programming in Java and working with Oracle. This time was in fact a continuation of the work I had done during my diploma thesis.
  • At the end of my studies I had an internship at the EADS (European Aeronautic Defence and Space Agency) EFW in Dresden where I primarily gained experience in data modeling.
  • During my studies I worked as an assistant programmer at the Dresden University of Technology, faculty for mechanical engineering.
  • From autumn 1996 to spring 2001 I studied computer science at the Dresden University of Technology .
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